-  Feel like underserved by major Digital Banking vendors? 
-   Need the best of breed digital banking solutions within a tightly controlled budget?
-   Looking to lower system and compliance cost per user?
-   Have limited in house development capacity?

Our digital banking solutions enable banks, insurance companies, credit unions, payment providers to tackle challenges and create highly differentiated digital banking experiences and respond seamlessly to the ever-evolving digital needs of their customers

Online banking - BANKTRON®

BANKTRON® – an omnichannel digital banking platform. It combines all powerful features that enable you to serve your clients seamlessly and be a step ahead in Fintech world.

   -  Daily banking made friendly and easy
   -  Omnichannel approach
   -  Reduced time-to-market
   -  Low-code driven product and process development
   -  Ironclad security
   -  Simple and intuitive dashboard
   -  Support for complex payment scenarios


Banktron® for Banks, Credit unions, Insurance companies

   -  Various integration capabilities including legacy backend
   -  Daily banking modules ready for use
   -  Add and modify new products and applications within Online banking
   -  Create integrated process flows using  low-coding approach (Onboarding, Loan Origination, KYC, etc.)
   -  Best-in-class security with a variety of supported authentication means         -  Pre-integrated PSD2 compliant Open Banking 

Banktron® for retail customers

   -  Effortless user experience on any device -browser, smartphone, tablet
   -  Personalized intuitive dashboard
   -  Direct communication with the banker
   -  Omnichannel notifications 

Banktron® for Business customers

   -  Seamless payment flow through different channels
   -  Multi-level payment authorization
   -  Bulk and salary payments
   -  Payment automation
   -  Negotiated FX rates


Advanced solution for customers relying on high payment volumes. It delivers Direct Banking services such as Payments and FX, Account balance and statement, Incoming payments notifications etc. via dedicated APIs, and allow for direct System-to-System integration by your customers.


Deploy new products via online banking, and create forms and multistep applications/questionnaires within a fraction of time. Build processes to power application processing and Lightweight integrations with existing systems as well as Publish without system downtime.


The platform enables modern banks, payment institutions or credit unions to quickly launch new products and seamlessly serve customers whether they are online, use a desktop or mobile device, use telephone, or are in a branch.


We deliver Realtime Online Fraud Detection solution that helps Financial Institutions to:

   - Protect Digital channels against fraudulent activity and identity thefts
   - Comply with PSD2 requirements for Fraud prevention
   - Ensure correct use of SCA exemption in Digital channels


BANKTRON’s multifactor authentication, advanced session management, and personalized protection guarantee the highest level of security. 


We offer a unique visual identity and optimized user experience for each and every Financial Institution – you deserve your Own Digital banking experience, tailored to meet your product portfolio and your customer expectations and daily needs.


DIGITAL Loans is a solution for SME and Retail loan origination within a financial institution. By using DIGITAL Loans our customers achieved 3 times faster application assessment, 4 times faster mortgage origination, 6 times faster credit card issuing, Zero cost for staff training, improved risk management and much more. It helps to increase loan portfolio in a shorter timeframe, keep your costs under control and excel in operational risk management.

 -  Omnichannel approach
 -  Open architecture
 -  Zero Trust security approach
 -  Full audit trail
 -  GDPR compliance


Open Banking

BANKTRON Open Banking provides a robust set of APIs and management tools to comply with PSD2 requirements and go beyond compliance demands. Our Open Banking solution focuses on PSD2 compliance needs and strictly follows the Regulatory Technical Standard, as well as regulatory requirements, specific for every market. BANKTRON Open Banking is extendable and scalable – our team is ready to support you with the development and deployment of new tailored APIs to the sandbox and production environments whenever needed.


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