Even though major data breaches have hit the headlines worldwide, highlighting increased need for skilled security professionals and service providers, many organisations still rely on ad hoc, manual processes. Popular excuses are: “my organisation/business is not a target”, “the bad guys are too effective and cannot be stopped”, “someone else (e. g. national CERT) should take care of this”, “cybersecurity is too expensive”, etc.

Information security managers are confused about what to do, executive management often fails to recognize the impact of cyber security on business processes, and therefore risk damaging organisations’ data, assets and reputation.

Our approach

In order to assist organisations in overcoming these burdens and developing practical cyber security skills, NRD companies have been organising annual Cyber Defence conferences in Europe and East Africa for the last four years.

The conference serves as a knowledge sharing, networking and capacity building platform, aimed to address cyber security issues and bring together the Government, the ICT Industry and Academia in efforts to create a better and more secure digital environment for the states, governments, businesses and citizens.

In Europe, the cyber defence conference usually takes place in Vilnius, Lithuania in October – in commemoration of the European Cyber Security Month as announced by ENISA.

In East Africa, the first three conferences took place in Tanzania and were organised together with ISACA Tanzania Chapter in years 2013 and 2014, and in cooperation with Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) in 2015. In 2016, in order to widen the reach of this initiative and recognising Uganda's commitment to increasing cyber security in the country, it was decided to organise Cyber Defence East Africa 2016 in Kampala, in cooperation with NITA-U.

More information on the Cyber Defence East Africa conferences can be found here:

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