In order to effectively protect nation’s critical infrastructure, a government must have a prepared methodology for critical infrastructure identification that is relevant to the situation of a particular country. No information infrastructure is critical per se unless it automates the provision of a critical service, and criticality is not equal to importance.

Our approach

NRD companies have experience in assisting governments in dealing with this complex task by:

  1. Preparing an analysis of National critical information infrastructure identification methodologies and protection practices in at least two foreign countries;
  2. Identification and assessment, including gap analysis, of standing laws and regulations that are pertinent to the Critical Information Infrastructure identification;
  3. Preparing criteria for Critical Information Infrastructure identification;
  4. Identifying roles and responsibilities in Critical Information Infrastructure identification;
  5. Preparing methodology for Critical Information Infrastructure identification and classification;
  6. Assisting the Client to putting the drafted methodology into law;
  7. Preparing action plan for Critical Information Infrastructure identification and classification.