Having the ability and capabilities to respond and manage cyber security incidents is no longer an option in today’s word. The governments must have organizations, known as CSIRTs (Cyber Security Incident Response Teams) that can effectively manage and mitigate cyber security incidents, conduct incident analysis, provide information assurance and situational awareness services.

National CSIRT capabilities to detect and systematically handle cyber security incidents also build confidence in country’s private and public digital services.

Based on international best practice, a Government CSIRT should:

  •  Provide incident detection and handling services to the Government;
  • Play a role in the protection of Critical Information Infrastructure;
  • Be the designated governmental point of contact for cyber security issues;
  • Be a member of international CSIRT communities (such as FIRST, TI).

Due to their nature of their business, some medium and large organizations also want to have their own cyber or computer security incident prevention and response capabilities.

Our approach

Our highly qualified and experienced team guides you through the entire CSIRT establishment process to help you build a computer security incident response team that suites your organization‘s unique needs and requirements.

Using internationally recognized CSIRT practices, we will guide you through CSIRT documentation process, help you select right services, build proper organizational structures, define appropriate roles and responsibilities, select right people, information technologies and equipment, define network design, provide necessary training, define operational procedures and establish partnerships with other cyber security players.

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