Governments and institutions around the world are facing an increasing demand to cooperate and respond to evolving needs of citizens and businesses.

Our approach

‎At NRD Companies, we serve national and regional governments, city municipalities as well as state-owned enterprises that are implementing ICT backed reforms and seeking to realize their economic and social goals. We apply ‎the know-how of our consultants, thought leadership and recognized methodologies to empower our clients to stay ahead in the environment of shifting economic and social priorities.

Over the years, our experts have helped public sector clients ‎achieve important transformations in a variety of projects such as Development of a 10 year National Strategic Plan for Identification in Cambodia, Pre-Investment Study for the Lesotho E-Government Infrastructure Project, State Owned Enterprises reform in Lithuania, and many others.

Our public sector consulting experience includes the following areas, to mention a few:

  • feasibility studies,
  • strategic plan development,
  • business analysis,
  • process reengineering,
  • analysis and system specification development,
  • RFP development,
  • Legal advice, drafting legislations and regulations.