Our approach

NRD Companies provide system analysis, design, development, implementation, integration, testing and installation services following best practices and industry tested methodologies. We develop specialized information systems with a centralized, web-based interface by using modern relational database platform, ensuring quick operation speed, allowing easy consolidation of data, ensuring controls and integration with external information systems.

Implementation of state of the art Management Information Systems (MIS) will come together with recommendations for IT infrastructure and human capacity building.

The IT infrastructure must be sufficient enough to support operation, ensure security, ensure availability of the MIS and ensure the access to it.

The capacity building program covers system operation and maintenance trainings. NRD Companies experts provide on-the job training activities and end-user trainings in order to build up understanding of the procedures and functionality of the new MIS. At NRD Companies, we believe that the human capacity to operate the newly developed MIS is the most important target of any new system.

Some of the specialized MIS that our team has experience in developing and maintaining:

  • Tax information systems
  • Waste management information systems
  • GIS information systems
  • Environmental information systems
  • Social support management systems