We bring a new, better chapter to your digital registry journey

URP© - Unified Registry Platform is an out of the box platform constantly developed which we have created to enable Registration Agencies to become the Centres of Registries. URP brings a set of solutions starting from electronic business registration, issuing electronic licences, registration of beneficiaries, collaterals registration and any other registration related service.  The beauty of the registry platform is that it grows alongside the institution. That means, you can start with enabling only e-business registry solutions, and later on, once you are ready, switch on other solutions.

URP© comes with a set of solutions/modules that can be switched on at any time. It provides flexibility to suit your needs as you grow.
• BUSREG - Business Registry Solution,
• LIREG - Licensing solution,
• BOREG - Beneficiaries Ownership Registry,
• TRANSEC - Secured Transactions Registry,
• Any other custom registry

Unified Registry Platform an internationally proven BPMN and SOA based integral platform for building state of the art Registry solutions under various jurisdictions

 Focused on fundamentals

  • User-Centered Design
  • Transparent process
  • Online-on time registration
  • Digital identification
  • Consolidated form and other information
  • Payment gateway
  • E-certificates with QR or barcode
  • Early warning message
  • Help desk/ self service
  • Data Integrity
  • Advanced Security

URP© Benefits

  • Quick construction and deployment
  • Improved institution efficiency by sharing tasks and centralized information
  • Increased self-service level reduces operational costs
  • Fast and user-friendly Governmental services for citizens (G2C) and businesses (G2B)
  • Official Register enables the registration of the information, required by law and makes the information available to the third parties
  • SOA architecture allows easily add new capabilities to a solution or address new requirements overtime on a build-as-you-go basis
  • Integration services allow to share data between different registries and ensure overall data integrity
  • Expandable to become an integrated multi-registry system
  • Two main registration scenarios (online or walk-in) may be adapted to the needs of the institution according to maturity level

Why URP© is the first option?

Fully online.  No need to come to the office, paperless process

Streamlined process. Apply -> pay -> verify -> register

Instant access to information for the third parties. Select what you want to know -> pay -> collect right away online

Statistics on SLA and fees collected. Up-to-date information on finished/unfinished registrations, fees collected, etc.

One source of data. Changes are done in the base register only

URP© main functions

  • Records management 
  • Process management 
  • Forms management 
  • Case management 
  • Reporting 
  • Revenue & financial management 
  • Payment management 
  • Messaging (SMS, e-mail) 
  • Roles and user management 

URP© - for Integrated Services Delivery

We believe, that modern business registration agencies should work as facilitators to the whole company registration ecosystem. It is important to create a full technology-driven integrated service for businesses that are known as “the investor journey”. Combination of multiple services in one “location” and the scope can even go beyond one-stop-shop for business registration – business registration platform could include business startup, operation, expansion, etc. and the regulatory requirements for all stages of the business life cycle.

  • Improved data sharing across agencies
  • Leveraging of shared assets and infrastructure
  • Sharing of the best practices and processes across agencies
  • Easier for entrepreneurs to understand regulatory requirements
  • Single point of access to government services
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Enhanced consistency and standardization
  • Reduced opportunities for corruption

URP© solutions/modules

URP© comes with a set of solutions/modules that can be switched on at any time. It provides flexibility to suit your needs as you grow.

BUSREG - Business Registry Solution
LIREG - Licensing solution
BOREG - Beneficiaries Ownership Registry
TRANSEC - Secured Transactions Registry

Dozens of Registry Authorities solve their challenges with URP©


How URP© works

URP© is designed in line with


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