Dr Vilius Benetis

Position CEO NRD Cyber Security

Membership in professional associations

  • CRISC (Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control) by ISACA
  • CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) by ISACA
  • Membership Director of the ISACA Lithuanian Chapter

Countries / regions of work experience

Bangladesh, Bhutan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Iceland, Israel, Denmark, UK, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, China, Moldova.

Areas of expertise

  • Cybersecurity
  • ICT governance & audit
  • SOC/SCIRT establishment
  • Public Sector Information Security Consulting
  • IT Infrastructure Architecture

Dr Vilius Benetis, certified in CISA and CRISC, is the CEO of NRD Cyber Security - the cybersecurity center of excellence for NRD Companies.

Dr Benetis specializes in law enforcement e-crime optimization platforms, digital surveillance (OSINT), incident response capability establishment, public sector information security consulting, IT infrastructure architecture, IT security automation, and telecommunications engineering and compliance management. Dr Benetis is the project manager for the National Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) implementation project in Bangladesh.

Dr Benetis is also a researcher and a promoter of Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense, who has twenty years of experience in the IT sector and ten years of experience in IT project management, IT auditing, and IT consultancy.

Dr. Vilius Benetis graduated from Kaunas Technical University, as well as from Danish Technical University in BSc in Computer Science, MSc and PhD in Tele-traffic Engineering. Mr. Benetis has been on fellowship at Tsinghua University’s Hitachi Labs. He has extensive experience in the corporate sector (Motorola, CA technologies, Dell), where supported IT services and management project sales and implementations.

Publications and videos

  • Co-author: Cybersecurity Workforce Handbook: A Practical Guide to Managing Your Workforce (http://www.counciloncybersecurity.org/workforce/workforce-management/, Council on Cybersecurity, October 2014;
  • European Cybersecurity Implementation Series (http://www.isaca.org/Knowledge-Center/Research/ResearchDeliverables/Pages/European-Cybersecurity-Implementation-Series.aspx), ISACA (Contribution: Member of core development team), August 2014;
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  • Advanced Persistent Threats: How To Manage The Risk To Your Business (http://www.isaca.org/Knowledge-Center/Research/ResearchDeliverables/Pages/Advanced-Persistent-Threats-How-To-Manage-The-Risk-To-Your-Business.aspx ), ISACA, ISBN: 978-1-60420-348-6 (Contribution: Expert Reviewer), November 2013;
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