Giedrė Balčytytė

Position Global Consulting Strategy Director at Norway Registers Development AS

Countries / regions of work experience

Lithuania, USA, Cambodia, Zambia, Uganda, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica

Areas of expertise

  • International Development Agenda, Development Impact
  • Public Sector Reforms
  • ID4D
  • Financial Inclusion and Access to Finance
  • Partnerships and Stakeholder Communication

Giedrė Balčytytė is an international development consultant with broad knowledge and understanding about global development agenda, as well as individual countries’ development plans. She is a part of broad network of international development experts, with long-standing experience from the WBG, UNDP, and European Commission, as well as national administration and leading teams of various compositions and goals.

During 2011-2014 she has been serving as the Alternate Executive Director and Senior Advisor for Nordic-Baltic countries at the Executive Board of the World Bank, where she was representing constituency priorities in the World Bank Group. During her tenure at the World Bank she was also co-chairing the Sub-committee for the Committee of Development Effectiveness at the Board (CODE) that assesses the development effectiveness of the World Bank Group, monitoring the quality and results of the World Bank Group operations. 

Previously Giedrė Balčytytė was also advising the Lithuanian Minister of Finance and coordinated strategic, operational and accountability work with a special focus on areas of external and international affairs, internal governance, public and media relations. 

Ms. Balčytytė is a part of broad network of international development and international affairs experts. Her work and knowledge of multilateral and international financial institutions, on hands experience of implementation of reforms and different audiences related projects at international and national levels, educational background and excellent communication, presentation and networking capacity, constitutes mix needed to achieve substantial results in any project implementation.