Tomas Šeikus

Position Business Development Director at Norway Registers Development AS

Membership in professional associations

  • Member of the Storage Networking Industry Association
  • Member of the IASA - The Global IT Architect Association
  • Member of the Business Continuity Institute
  • Member of the Disaster Recovery Institute International

Countries / regions of work experience

Lithuania, Mauritius, Tanzania, Georgia, Zimbabwe, Belarus, Burundi, Rwanda

Areas of expertise

  • ICT Architecture
  • Backup Strategy
  • Business Disaster Recovery
  • Critical IT Infrastructure

Tomas Šeikus is an experienced information system architecture, data backup, disaster recovery and information system resilience specialist.

He was involved in design of two supercomputers and the 5-Petabyte National Science Archive at Vilnius University, Lithuania, as well as infrastructure modernization projects for Burundi Central Bank, Zimbabwe Central Bank, and Mauritius Registrar-General's Department (RGD), among others.

Mr. Šeikus is also Director of Norway Registers Development East Africa Ltd. and the Chairman of the Board of Norway Registers Development Rwanda.

Mr. Šeikus is an SNIA Certified Storage Architect (SCSA) and an IASA Certified Information Technology Architect.