The European Business Registry Association (EBRA) LIVE conference in Madrid is about to start.

This year Registries Community will be diving into the topic:

Building the Future: Innovation and Business Registries
The role of business registries in global challenges

The conference will take place June 14-16 2022.

Ieva Tarailiene, Head of Registries Practice at NRD Companies is already there preparing for the discussions with the representatives of Corporate Registers from all around Europe.

Coming from the Registrar General’s background Ieva is well known for her advocacy and clear vision of the rising opportunities and where the Registries industry is heading.

“It is quite obvious that the whole Registrars Generals’ community must rethink the mission and vision of their institution, recharge the organization, and adapt their strategy along with technology for facing the challenges.” – says Ieva Tarailiene 

3 exciting days of sharing #ReistriesTrends #RegistriesInsights #CorporateRegistersChallenges #Networking are waiting ahead. 


EBRA - the European Business Registry Association is working to establish an international community of business registries that collaborate on common initiatives, develop and share knowledge; and collectively progress the business registry domain.