Registries development

Efficient and trustworthy registration services are key elements for development of a good business climate. For example, reliable, fast and low cost business registration has proven to decrease shadow economy, catalyze entrepreneurship, create jobs and increase exports.

Paper based registries can no longer stand up to modern-day knowledge economy challenges, they need to be digitized and modernized, and legal environment has to be adjusted. Electronic registers provide huge improvement of convenience for customers and efficiency for registrar’s offices. Implementation of these reforms are most directly related to improvement of rankings of the country in competitiveness reports.

In practice, integrating business registry with financial accounts, secure transactions, shareholders registry (where applicable), creating single reliable channel for communication with business - all constitute a step by step process required to build an efficient single point e-government service for businesses.

To make the Registry functional and in compliance with the legal framework, the registry institution must be properly organized and staffed with qualified people, equipped with tools to record the information and execute transactions efficiently and securely as well as provide timely services to the register users according to international best practices. Particular concern must be placed on the transition from analogue to digital information management.

In the field of registries development, core competence and main characteristics of NRD Companies lie with the amalgamation of law, information technology and electronic communication into a well-functioning institution built on universal legal and technical principles and adjusted to traditions, culture, needs and demands in the country.

Some of the types of registers that NRD Companies have experience in developing:

  • Legal entities/companies and annual accounts
  • Citizens/population/identification
  • Mortgage/pledge/secured transactions
  • Business license registry/IS
  • Real estate registry