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Backup Data Centers Modernisation at a Reserve Bank

About the client

Ministry of Finance & Economic Development


Ensuring business continuity and data availability in case of accident as well as enabling centralized server management and virtualization.

Services provided

  • Equipment delivery;
  • Main and disaster recovery centre installation, including storages, servers, networking, virtualisation software, backup and recovery software;
  • The project was implemented in three sites: the main Data Centre at the Head Office of the Central Bank of Zimbabwe in Harare and Disaster Recovery Centre in two separate branches (Masa and Bullawayo);
  • Knowledge and experience exchange was implemented to build capacity in the organisation;
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan was created;
  • Support was provided for 1 year.

The results


for fast data recovery and flexible opportunities for the expansion of the backup data centers was created.


The Disaster Recovery Centre will ensure system resilience and provide availability within hours.