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How We Work

We Are Driven By Client Needs

We provide practice-based advisory and consulting services that respond to client’s needs and correlate to emerging trends. Our core competencies lie in the Digitalization of public services, Development of Business, Civil and other registers, Digital ID, Digital Signature, Digital Inclusion, Digital Payments, Digital Skills, Digital transformation, assessments, audits/roadmaps, and strategies.


The range of our services:

  • Assessments and diagnostics of the current digitalization landscapes and perspectives.
  • Development of pre-investment plans, feasibility studies, and investment plans.
  • Design of advanced legal frameworks.
  • Preparation for political, regulatory, strategic, and organizational reforms.
  • Design and implementation of change management.
  • Transfer of knowledge.
  • Technical assistance in digitalization reforms.

Digitalization of Public Services

  • Our support to governments and institutions helps to prepare for the digital transformation: gap assessment of existing processes and tools, development of recommendations, and preparation of roadmaps. We also assist with digitalization efforts: re-engineering processes, preparation of technical specifications, management of public procurements, supervision of providers, drafting amended legislation, and transferring knowledge.
  • We enable national agencies responsible for coordinating and regulating national digitalization reforms by preparing policy recommendations, helping with the development of national digitalization strategies, developing advanced legislation and regulation, and building internal competencies.

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Civil Registration, Unique/National ID

  • We contribute to the development & provide support. Our support is unconditional for countries and institutions in their ability to capture, process, and manage data related to the population/citizens of the country.
  • We assist in the establishment of an effective national identification & registration system. In addition to reviewing and re-engineering current processes, developing policy documents, and supporting the legal reforms needed for the establishment of modern national registration and identification systems, we also prepare institutional reforms.

Digital ID and Digital Signature

  • In order to introduce and use digital IDs, we help countries develop policies, strategies, and legislation.
  • Moreover, we identify technology solutions necessary for the national adoption of digital trust services, such as digital signatures, as well as policies and regulatory frameworks.

Read our free e-book on the Digital ID.


Our team helps institutions to prepare for the development of advanced, secure, and reliable registers, as “single sources of truth”, including the implementation of institutional, administrative, legal, and technological reforms.

Digital Payments and Finances

We support governments in introducing digital payments for public services and taxes, helping to set up an enabling institutional framework, supportive regulatory basis, and needed digital tools and platforms, and promoting awareness and take up by the end-users.

Digital Skills and Digital Inclusion

  • We help public institutions and other stakeholders to provide digital skills training and digital education to the population through the design and implementation of initiatives and programs. We develop roadmaps and programs and support the implementation of training based on an assessment of digital skills and competencies levels.
  • We support countries in assessing the inequalities present in their national digitalization processes and designing strategic documents for alleviating digital exclusion amongst vulnerable population groups (e.g., digital inclusion strategies for women, youth, and rural populations).

Our Experts

Meet Our Team

Ieva Žilionienė
Julius Zubė
Mindaugas Vyšniauskas
Tatsiana Lahuta Kuru
Ieva Tarailienė
Michailas Traubas
Andrius Kaikaris
Algimantė Danilaitė
Gitana Keturkaitė-Dirvonė

Ieva Žilionienė

Consulting Business Lead


Ms. Ieva Žilionienė is a digitalization policy and strategy expert, with broad experience in global ICT trends and deep knowledge of public sector digitalization initiatives, programmes and use cases. As the Consulting Business Lead of NRD Companies, Ieva coordinates NRD consulting projects around the globe, with direct involvement in the implementation of projects related to government digitalization.

Julius Zubė

Inclusive Development Expert

#DigitalSkills, #DigitalInclusion

Julius Zubė is an international development professional with a track-record in the implementation of research, sustainable development, and policy reform projects related to international development cooperation and its monitoring and evaluation. Julius’ experience is tied to the analysis of development projects and policies across the world, with a focus on the inclusiveness and the empowerment of marginalized people groups.

Bronislovas Balvočius

Senior Project Manager

#DigitalTransformation, #eGovernment, #ICT

Bronislovas Balvočius, Senior e-Government Project Manager at Norway Registers Development AS, has 9+ years of experience. His expertise spans in ICT project management, e-Government consulting, and client relations in the public sector. With degrees in Computer Science and an Executive MBA, he holds certifications including TOGAF, CRISC, CISA, PMP, COBIT 5, and Oracle Developer Certified Professional. He's also an active board member of ISACA and IIA Lithuanian Chapters.

Mindaugas Vyšniauskas

IT Consultant

Mindaugas Vyšniauskas is an IT Consultant in NRD Companies with extensive experience in the IT field. He has a master’s degree in Data Science and is an Enterprise Architect with a background in the design of various governmental Information Systems for the Lithuanian government.

Tatsiana Lahuta Kuru

Project Manager

#projectmanagent #PM

Tatsiana Lahuta Kuru is a Project Manager with an extensive track record in leading international cross-functional teams to deliver successful projects in both public and private sectors. The professional portfolio of Tatsiana covers a wide area of thematic domains: from reforms in the public sector and strengthening society, to increasing technical and operational capacities at the level of organizations. Tatsiana holds a Master's degree in International Project Management and Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM) certification.

Ieva Tarailienė

Head of Registers


Ieva Tarailienė holds a Head of Registry Practice position and principal consultant roles in NRD Companies. She is an experienced consultant and expert focused on public registers and corporate/company law, strategic planning and realization of advanced IT solutions related to public e-services. She brings our international clients her extensive experience and industry best practices.

Michailas Traubas

Head of e-Payment Solutions

#DigitalPayments, #Finances

Michailas Traubas is a Chief Solution Officer at NRD Companies. Having a broad experience in product management and development he is responsible for the development of product portfolio, product positioning, and introduction of new solutions for NRD Companies.

Andrius Kaikaris

Chief Operations Officer

Andrius Kaikaris has a vast amount of experience in managing development and public procurement projects and running product delivery and acceptance teams. His technical background and professional experience enable him to confidently cover a wide array of industries, ranging from capacity building, IT, and communications to shipbuilding. Mr. Kaikaris holds a Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering from United States Naval Academy, and he continued his studies at U. S. Naval War College.

Algimantė Danilaitė


Algimantė Danilaitė holds a Consultant position in Norway Registers Development AS. Her responsibilities include but are not limited to leading the preparation of project proposals, analyzing client priorities and relevant sources, search for external experts, supporting project implementation teams. Algimantė has a bachelor's degree in Archives science.

Gitana Keturkaitė-Dirvonė

Legal Expert/Project Manager

Ms. Gitana Keturkaite holds a position of Legal & Policy Expert/Project Manager at ICT consulting company Norway Registers Development AS, where she is responsible for providing legal expert and international project management services.
Our team provides an exceptional combination of professional experience in leading major Government’s digital reforms and implementing complex technological solutions. We understand the specifics and challenges of the public sector. We understand the technologies. And we know the recipes for successful digital transformations.
Ieva Žilionienė Consulting Business Lead at NRD Companies
Our consultancy activities are based on the best practices in different countries and international standards in digital transformation, legal and regulatory reforms and technological know-how in various sectors of developed and developing economies. In addition, we are applying high-level knowledge, expertise and capacities, as well as a firm commitment to our clients, to positively impact its public sector and overall national e-enabling landscape.
Ieva Tarailienė Head of Registers at NRD Companies

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