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Our goal is to make sure that the heads of institutions provide their citizens and businesses with quality and efficient service on a daily basis.

How We Work

Providing Solutions to Government Challenges

Today, more than ever, citizens and businesses expect public services to be as easily accessible and of the same quality as those of the private sector. The government, for its part, is preparing an economic recovery plan, drawing guidelines and setting requirements for the efficiency of state institutions.

What are we doing to ensure that the heads of institutions understand what they can do to pass this test of quality and efficiency provided by citizens and businesses every day? We advise and provide technological solutions.

More Information About Service Digital Maturity Assessment Tool

Service Digital Maturity Assessment tool is based on the European Union methodological approach, where a 5-level “Online Sophistication” measurement model is used to assess digital service levels. This model enables institutions to implement a “diagnosis” of their service’s current status, and to define a vision for the future. However, the EU model was developed in 2001 and last reviewed (when “Level 5” was introduced) in 2010. NRD Companies updated the concepts and definitions of each of the levels, to include the progressive characteristics of digital services, and has provided simple examples to make the tool easy to understand and to apply in practice.


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GxP© – Customer Centric Service Delivery Platform

E-Registers and E-Services

GxP© is an omnichannel solution, allowing to build processes supportive of multiple channels within a singlerocess or in separate processes.

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