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CRVS© – Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Management System

A civil registration system which protects human rights, provides unique identity and proof of existence.

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Cornerstone of Any Country

A civil registration system refers to all institutional, legal, and technical settings needed to perform the civil registration functions in a practical, sound, coordinated, and standardized manner throughout the country, taking into account country-specific cultural and social aspects.


Civil registration is carried out primarily for the purpose of establishing the legal documents provided by law. These records are also a main source of vital statistics. Complete coverage, accuracy and timeliness of civil registration are essential for quality vital statistics.

A Civil Registration Record Provides:

  • Evidence of a person's birth, death and proof of occurrence of marriage or divorce
  • Proof of a person's age or date of birth to establish rights contingent upon attainment of a certain age – birth record
  • Proof of a person's date and place of birth or death; evidence of date and place of marriage; date of divorce and the place where it was granted
  • Safeguards of rights to social status and individual benefits (makes the person legally visible)
  • Unique identity ( name), evidence of parental relationships
  • Grounds to establish citizenship, electoral rolls, population register, ID cards, etc
Civil Registration Record

Our approach

Civil registration builds upon some universal principles, the implementation of which, to a large extent, is influenced by the United Nations (UN) recommendations (UN has published a series of subject-specific handbooks on Civil Registration and Vital statistics system).


The UN defines Civil registration as “the continuous, permanent, compulsory and universal recording of the occurrence and characteristics of vital events pertaining to the population as provided through decree or regulation in accordance with the legal requirements of a country”.


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