Our Approach

  • 01
    Enabling the Business Environment & Job Creation

    NRD Companies have evidence-based hands-on experience in the regulatory, organizational, governance, systems and service sides of improvements in various country settings. Our engagement has supported countries’ progress on a number of indicators under the WB Doing Business annual report.

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  • 02
    Increasing Efficiency of Government Services

    NRD Companies support governments in delivering public sector reforms, strengthening institutions, building e-government and enabling e-services for citizens. Building on legal, organizational, governance, systems and services analysis, NRD Companies bring an evidence-based approach from around the world and back it with ICT solutions for the efficient and effective government functioning and services.

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  • 03
    Supporting Domestic Resource Mobilization

    For separate components that build enabling infrastructure for domestic resource mobilization, NRD Companies develop evidence-based enabling solutions adapted to a specific country environment. Our top-level experts, who have extensive experience in tax administration and related systems building, also support clients in enabling legal and organizational environment-building related to system development.

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  • 04
    Improving Accessibility of Social Services

    NRD Companies contribute to the more efficient and effective delivery of social services, through the development of information systems solutions that are tailored to specific management needs within social sectors, such as health, education, and social care. We help to establish robust monitoring processes, establishing criteria-based transactions, integrating systems, and developing targeted solutions.

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  • 05
    Facilitating Financial Inclusion and Access to Finance

    NRD Companies contribute to building necessary infrastructure components that facilitate financial inclusion and access to financing. We work with central banks and other oversight institutions to improve and support regulatory frameworks with ICT solutions, identification solutions and we develop systems to facilitate financial services provision.

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  • 06
    Facilitating Environmental Sustainability

    At NRD Companies, we develop environmental management information systems that are designed to identify and promote the progress of sustainable environmental management. We take into account the technical dependencies between environmental phenomena from different fields to assist the responsible experts and authorities in the handling of complex environment-related issues, noting important coordination issues.

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  • 07
    Securing the Digital Environment

    NRD Companies’ mission is creating a secure digital environment for states, governments, corporations, and citizens in Central and Eastern Europe, East Africa, Asia and other regions via technology platforms, workflows, and processes. NRD Companies approach is based on hands-on experience as well as actionable and practical knowledge derived from partnerships with global non-profit organisations.

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