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BANKTRON® Open Banking

Providing APIs and management tools that go beyond PSD2 compliance goals.

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Meet BANKTRON® Open Banking

BANKTRON® Open Banking enables banks and electronic money institutions to adapt rapidly to the changing regulatory environment, by delivering compliant open APIs and enabling foundation for future growth of open finance services.


We start with the consultancy to help you understand open banking requirements and implementation approaches. We deliver all the necessary components – APIs, developer toolkits, documentation packages – which can be easily connected to your solutions to enable smooth operations under the regulatory regime. Originally developed to enable EU Payment Services Directive 2 compliance, BANKTRON® Open Banking is a safe choice for all the markets which follow EU practices and adopt the Berlin Group API frameworks.

Why BANKTRON® Open Banking?

Our BANKTRON® Open Banking solution focuses on PSD2 compliance needs and strictly follows the Regulatory Technical Standard, as well as regulatory requirements specific to every market.

Our compliance offering includes:

  • Consent Management Tools
  • API Management
  • API (Developer) Sandbox & Documentation
  • Complimentary Services

Comprehensive Services

  • 01
    Developer Sandbox Hosting

    The service lowers demands for your IT staff and allows to meet the PSD2 RTS requirements for API testing; it includes maintenance of the API documentation, versioning and release management, Sandbox upgrades and API key management (wherever required).

  • 02

    Our consultancy services help to address the key questions of the financial services providers: how does EU define open banking and what are implementation requirements. We look beyond pure technical matters of setting up open banking APIs into the ecosystem challenges and mandatory components of PSD2 compliant open banking.

  • 03
    TPP (Third Party Provider) Support

    Put our team in front of TPPs and system integrators, accessing developer sandbox and production APIs. By offering 1st-line support towards API consumers, we help the Banks to reduce pressure on their support teams and lower the communication overhead and time required to answer TPP requests.

  • 04
    Support & Maintenance

    Our Support and Maintenance service includes 3rd-line support, consultancy and our 2+ years regulatory compliance warranty.

We Provide APIs for:

User Authentication
Account Balance, Statement, Operation Details

Learn More About BANKTRON®

BANKTRON® provides a robust set of APIs and management tools to comply with PSD2 requirements and go beyond compliance demands.

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