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Virtual Fiscal device Management System iimplementation in Zanzibar NRD Companies

Development of a Virtual Fiscal Device Management System in Zanzibar

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About the client

Zanzibar Revenue Board

The Zanzibar Revenue Board (ZRB) was established under the ZRB Act No. 7 of 1996 as the prime agency of the Government of Zanzibar for collection and administration of all taxes from Inland Revenue sources other than customs, excise and income taxes that are administered by the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA). ZRB became operational since July 1998.


In order to simplify tax administration, enhance voluntary compliance and improve revenue collection in a cost-effective way, the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar through joint effort of Zanzibar Revenue Board and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Marketing intended to develop and implement an Electronic Fiscal Device Management System based on virtual technology.


The main objective of this project for NRD Companies together with JV partners was to develop an Electronic Fiscal Device Management System based on virtual technology, that shall be used for issuance of fiscal digital receipts by taxpayers for every sale transaction through online and signed by the server in real-time. The receipts produced by the system had to be secured and verifiable at any stage.

Services provided

The project involved the study of the current manual operation system of issuing sales receipts and development of a prototype model that shall form the basis for transformation into an electronic system that takes on board both tax and non-tax revenues. The assignment therefore required visiting a range of taxpayers including individuals, companies and government agencies for on-site assessments.

Zanzibar Revenue Board