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LIREG© – Business Licensing Solution

A compilation of online registration services allowing applicants to apply, pay and receive a license online.

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Achieving Regulatory Objectives

In high standard business licensing regimes, licensing is a means to fulfil legitimate regulatory purposes. These include protection of public health and safety, environmental protection, national security, and allocation of scarce resources.


However, in a world of diverse requirements and different licensing activities, it isn’t easy for a business to find its way around the different authorities, licenses and procedures.

Available Components:

  • Consolidated application form​
  • Uniform application processing​
  • Unified license document​
  • Aggregated license registry data
  • Standard API to update license register
  • Standard API to retrieve license register data​

The Main LIREG© Features:

Fully Online

To develop electronic means for applicants to request business licensing services online without having to physically appear before the authorities.

Minimal Communication

To reduce the interaction points between the service providers and applicants wishing to get a license for their business.


To facilitate electronic processes so that paper based exchanges could be eliminated or limited to a minimum.


To enable officers to process applications and electronically store licensing data in the Register in order to increase the efficiency of the services.


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