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Development of Civil Registration and Vital Statistics System in Zanzibar

About the client

Office of Chief Government Statistician


Preparation of a Concept, Supporting Regulation, Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan for Civil Registration Reform in Zanzibar.


NRD team performed the following tasks:

  • Undertake a diagnostic of problems for civil registration and vital statistics in Zanzibar;
  • Identify best practice outcomes in these areas, supported by reform concepts and implementation strategies that are practical and feasible for Zanzibar (UN recommendations for Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems taken into account);
  • Draft laws and recommendations on subsidiary regulations with supporting regulatory impact assessments;
  • Undertake needs assessment of the Registrar General’s Office as the vital registration authority (further referred as RGO) and Office of the Chief Government Statistician as the vital statistics authority (further referred as OCGS), prepare cost action plans to guide the implementation of the reforms.
On April 25th of 2016, the Birth and Death Registrar’s Office issued and printed the first Birth Certificate in Zanzibar.

The results

In 2016

NRD Companies was contracted to fine tune the developed Civil Registration Vital Statistics (CRVS) system. NRD team adjusted CRVS to the revised legal framework, created e-Archive subsystem, digitized paper documents and performed user trainings.