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Design and development of an Online Business Registration System

About the client

Tanzanian Business Registrations and Licensing Agency

The Business Registrations and Licensing Agency (BRELA) is an Executive Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade responsible for business administration and regulation of the laws; namely Companies Registration, Business Names Registration, Trade and Service Marks Registration, granting of Patents and issuing of Industrial License. It was established under the Government Executive Agencies Act No. 30 of 1997 and formally launched on 3rd December 1999.


Tanzanian Business Registrations and Licensing Agency (BRELA) is committed to continuous improvement of business environment in Tanzania. BRELA had already taken multiple measures to simplify business registration, to make it more efficient and appealing for both domestic and foreign investors. Development of an Online Registration System was necessary to help the Agency to streamline the procedures and modernise its services, make them quick and easily accessible which was expected to increase willingness of businesses to register and operate legally. Furthermore, it was expected that this would eventually contribute to job creation and inclusive economic growth.

Prior to the establishment of the new online registration system, all processes of pre-registration, registration and post registration of companies (Business entities) were being done manually. A person or his representative who wished to incorporate a company were to pass through the following steps:

(a) Company name clearance
(b) preparation of company documents; that is Memorandum and Articles of Association, filling in of company forms (Form no. 14 (a) and (b))
(c) signing and stamping of all documents stated under paragraph (b) above by a commissioner for oaths
(d) preparation of the required fee
(e) submission of the above-named documents for assessment accompanied by the issuance of an invoice ready for payment.
(f) lodging the same with Registrar of companies for registration.

Post-registration services were physical paper-based as well. All post-registration changes in the company required physical filing of the returns with the effect of notifying the Registrar of Companies of the changes made. Some of the post-registration services including but not limited to the filing of prescribed forms and other documents for:

  • Change of registered address of the Company
  • Change of Directors’ particulars
  • Filing of company’s annual returns,
  • Change of objects of the company,
  • Removing/addition of company directors,
  • Changing of the company secretary,
  • Increasing company’s share capital,
  • Allotment etc.


NRD Companies together with the client BRELA have completed developing a modern Online Registration System (ORS), the system comprises registration of Companies, Business Names, Trade and Service Marks and their respective post registrations, issuance of Patents and Industrial Licenses. The system will enable customers to access all BRELA services wherever they are without visiting BRELA premises, at any time of the day. BRELA has started rendering services online in modules starting with Industrial Property services: Trade and Service Marks and Patents and Companies registrations.

The proposed Online Registration System (ORS) solution automated registration processes for BRELA, increased efficiency of the government services and improved the customer experience. The new system enabled the users to apply for the Business Name Registration, Company Registration, Industrial License Registration, Trade and Service Marks Registration and Patents Registration online. ORS also contains elements specifically developed for collaboration and provision of electronic services between institutions.

Services provided

The project focused on both immediate and long term needs of BRELA. NRD Companies designed and developed a flexible Online Registration System and all required back-office systems, integrated them with existing legacy applications of BRELA and other key stakeholders, implemented cyber resilience – data backup and recovery – mechanisms and trained BRELA staff to operate the system. They also consulted BRELA, focusing on longer term goals, providing analysis of current legal environment and technical maturity of Tanzanian infrastructure, identifying gaps and defining the way forward for further BRELA modernization.


The Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) has said more than 150,000 companies and 300,000 business names have been registered. The new system helps to reduce bureaucracy, complaints and minimise the time for the people to get their license. Online Registration System helps to gain more credibility and trust to the customers and business partners, also accessing loans becomes very easy.

The system will enable customers to access all BRELA services wherever they are without visiting agency premises, at any time of the day.