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Business Registration Reform Project

About the client

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)


Establishment of fully functional Business Registration Information Management and Dissemination, and (Enterprise) Financial Transactions Registration Services based on the National Business Registration System (NBRS), set up in the first phase of the UNIDO-MPI Technical Assistance to Business Registration Reform project in Socialist Republic of Vietnam.


Design and implementation planning of the new registration systems and are divided into various categories: legal framework covering, interpretation of the legal framework in circulars that would be needed during reform implementation, formulation of detailed cooperation agreements with partners such as the tax, statistics, and seal registration authorities, design of business processes and operation systems, formulation of capacity building and training programs that need to be implemented in 64 provinces and at the central level, business plans and budgets, awareness and promotion programs for the business community and public sector partners and implementation and conversion plans.

The counterpart and recipient of this project is the Ministry of Planning and Investment, MPI (Agency for Business Registration, ABR).

The Viet Nam Business Registration Reform is divided into the following phases:

  • Phase A Module I: Establishment of the National Business Registration System
  • Phase A Module II: Establishment of the Information Distribution System
  • Phase B: Establishment of the Financial Statements Filing System

Services provided

The overall objective of the project was to modernize business registration system by enabling:

  • fully electronic submission of the business registration dossier, including the use of electronic signature;
  • electronic payment for the business registration electronic services;
  • delivery of the information services to the third parties via the internet;
  • registration of the enterprise financial statements/transactions.
  • In addition, IT support and consultations related to the business registration system modernization are provided.