Inclusiveness & Quality Issues of Social Services

Increasing expansion of social services does not necessarily assure that these services will reach those who need them most. Therefore, there is a need to ensure access, to open up opportunity, to end possible administrative abuses, and to eliminate the existing dual system of law and policy.


Whereas expansion of social services, such as health and education in particular, has been rapid in recent decades, inclusiveness and quality issues need to be addressed in the nearest future. Limited access to various social services may be due to high costs and a lack of appropriate infrastructure; however, transparency and efficiency of governance, in line with the competence of service providers, have the greatest impact on the quality of services.


Products that Contribute

NRD Companies contribute to more efficient and effective delivery of social services, through development of information systems solutions that are tailored to specific management needs within social sectors, such as health, education, and social care. By performing a detailed analysis of existing regulatory, organizational, system and other challenges, we help to establish robust monitoring processes, establishing criteria-based transactions, integrating systems and developing targeted solutions.

GxP© – Customer Centric Service Delivery Platform

E-Registers and E-Services

GxP© is an omnichannel solution, allowing to build processes supportive of multiple channels within a singlerocess or in separate processes.

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BUSREG© – Business Registry

E-Registers and E-Services

A modern web-based solution that serves as a platform where businesses/individuals and government meet for customer-centric business registration.

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