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Design and Specification of a Business Registration Platform

About the client

Ministry of Industry and Trade


The general objective of the assignment was to help the Department of the Registrar General (DRG) improve its operations in delivering business registration services. The goal was to enable Malawi have an efficient, effective and sustainable system in place for its commercial registration requirements. The accomplishment of this assignment was guided by the following expected outcomes:

  • Reduced regulatory burden of foreign and domestic businesses to start up a business through reducing time and cost of compliance with business-registration procedures;
  • Improved efficiency of business-registration services through simplifying and streamlining procedures for business registration, and automating registry function; ideally making the process of business-registration more efficient and equitable;
  • Incentives for businesses that currently operate in the “informal” sector of Malawi’s economy to graduate into the formal sector, and for new entrepreneurs to start-up new businesses


The role of NRD Companies was to:

  • Provide assistance in the Business Registration Platform development;
  • Perform legal, organizational and institutional analysis and mapping of the current situation;
  • Perform analysis of the current IT and ICT infrastructure in the DRG and in Malawi;
  • Design requirements and documents for the computerizing of the processes;
  • Draft related legislation and recommendations for the implementation of the reform;
  • Perform digitization of the historical records, covering data entry and scanning of the complete archive;
  • Assist in purchase of the HW/SW for the technical infrastructure establishment;
  • Control and monitor execution of the registry implementation project;
  • Prepare reports related to the listed deliveries.