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Consumer Credits in Šiaulių Bankas will be Issued Twice as Fast

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After employing a new automated loan origination process management system, Šiaulių Bankas will provide consumer credits in a few minutes. In the long run, the Bank also plans to shorten the process of granting of other types of credits.

In order to serve our customers more efficiently, we constantly invest in both quality of service and advanced information technology solutions. We were first to offer the automated leasing system for car leases to our partners which allows concluding car lease contracts at the point of sales, and from now on the  updated and automated loan origination process management system will allow us granting  consumer credits to customers much faster. In the nearest future, the same system will allow to automate processes relating to issue of other  types of credits provided by the Bank”, said Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Šiaulių Bankas, Head of Business Development Division Daiva Šorienė.

From now on, information on a customer of Šiaulių Bankas who wishes to receive a consumer credit will be received, verified, processed and evaluated automatically from various external registers and databases. This will cut the process of issuing consumer credit more than twice; therefore a consumer credit can be issued in a matter of a few minutes.

This system is part of a coherent update of the credit systems of Šiaulių Bankas. The loan origination system, based on principles of Robotics Process Automation, was developed and implemented by the financial technology company ETRONIKA.

“By implementing advanced solutions and automating part of the processes, the credit issuance time for the customers will be reduced and the efficiency of the activity will significantly improve. For example, the credit process management system is designed to allow even less experienced users to develop and change complex processes and prepare the required forms for issuing credit, and the entire history of the actions and changes made by the users will be stored, so the process can be easily audited”, stressed Arnoldas Jankūnas, Director of ETRONIKA UAB.

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