Public procurement, with links to increasing value for money, improving public service delivery, and creating an enabling environment for private sector–led growth, is an essential element of governance reforms.

Technological advancements, in line with economic, social developments and increasing demand for effectiveness of public expenditure, transparency, competition and accountability made it necessary to reform existing public procurement systems in many emerging economies.

Our approach

The main objectives of modernization of public procurement systems are ensuring good governance standards, increasing efficiency and cutting waste.

Emerging economies often take initiative to reform their public procurement by introducing full cycle e-procurement solutions. Such e-procurement implementations have significant risk of failure as of technological complexity and the need to comply with vast amounts of changes in processes and regulations, by many institutions and at once.

The solution suggested by NRD Companies is to phase the reform in a way it ensures 100 per cent compliance with applicable processes, rules and regulations during the initial - pre-awarding phase of the procurement cycle – publication of procurement notices.

The breakthrough in public procurement reform can be reached in less than one year by guaranteeing full compliance using legal, organizational and capacity building measures that are supported by relatively simple ICT solution. Our approach overall significantly contributes to major aims of public procurement, such as increased competition and efficiency, improved transparency and reliability.