Ieva Tarailiene

Position Head of Registry Practice at NRD Companies

Areas of expertise

  • International Development Agenda, Development Impact
  • National governmental registries and systems management, integrations, data sharing and protection
  • WB Doing business report
  • Financial Inclusion and Access to Finance
  • Partnerships and Stakeholder Communication

Ieva Tarailienė holds a registry practice manager position and principal consultant’s roles in Norway Registers Development AS. She is an experienced consultant and expert focused on public registers and corporate/company law, strategic planning and realization of advanced IT solutions related to public e-services.

Ms. Ieva Tarailienė is a lawyer by education, in 2002, she graduated from Vilnius University with master’s degree in law.

Ms. Ieva Tarailienė has working experience at the State Enterprise Centre of Registers, Lithuania, where she started as a junior specialist and climbed up the corporate ladder to become an acting CEO to carry state enterprise Centre of Registers through the most turbulent times of change. She has been most involved with Lithuanian Business registry development and operations and has longstanding experience in the development of electronic services, contributing to drafting legal acts on regulation of corporate activities, representing of national developments in company law and public e-services on the national and international scene. Ms. Ieva Tarailienė has been a regional contributor to the World Bank Doing Business report since 2013.

Ms. Ieva Tarailienė has deep knowledge and analysis of best practices on modernization of information systems, creation of new electronic services, ensuring security of information technologies. She has a longstanding experience in ensuring institutional relations, generating business and personnel development ideas and managing staff.

Ms. Ieva Tarailienė has contributed to the establishment and development of the Register of Legal Entities, successfully managed the project on Electronic Service for the Registration of Legal Entities that was funded by the EU funds. It has been created a public electronic service for registration of legal entities of fourth maturity-cooperation level. This project created preconditions for e-services development in Lithuania. She also participated in the development of information system of legal entities’ participants, participated in the initiatives related to the creation of register of beneficial owners.

Ms. Ieva Tarailienė was a team leader on the implementation of the Business Registers Interconnection System (BRIS) electronic instruments in Lithuania in line with the technical specifications and procedures set out in the Annex of the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/884. BRIS infrastructure facilitates the access to information on EU companies for the public and ensure that all EU business registers can communicate to each other electronically in a safe and secure way in relation to cross-border mergers and foreign branches. The ultimate aim is to enhance confidence in the single market through transparency and up-to-date information and reduce unnecessary burdens on companies.

Ms. Ieva Tarailienė is highly independent, self-organized and communicative. Those strong personal skills are of inevitable use in the new working environments with people of different cultural, educational background and language skills. Ms. Ieva Tarailienė is fluent in English.