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A Major Win for the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Trinidad and Tobago

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An impressive achievement has been made by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Trinidad and Tobago – they were awarded with the Inter-American Development Bank‘s President’s Award for Innovation and Service Excellence (Pr.A.I.S.E) in the Public Sector for the Developers’ Hub, a project we are actively involved in and have contributed to.

Recognizing Great Work

Working together with the Inter-American Development Bank and the Office of the President in Trinidad and Tobago, the Pr.A.I.S.E awards honor outstanding projects and services by government Ministries, state-owned agencies, and public entities. These awards have been going on for six years, focusing on projects that make services better.

Leading the Way in Digital

This recognition shows that the Ministry of Digital Transformation is thinking ahead and leading Trinidad and Tobago towards a future where digitalization is important. One big part of this is the Developers’ Hub, started in June, which is quickly becoming a big part of the country’s move into digital. The Developers’ Hub, with its robust infrastructure, valuable training content, and an inclusive development platform, stands as a testament to Trinidad and Tobago’s dedication to ICT growth.

Congratulations to our forward-thinking client, the Ministry of Digital Transformation, for this well-deserved recognition and their unwavering dedication to shaping a brighter digital future for the nation. We are proud to be part of this incredible journey.

About the Project

The Developers’ Hub – Technical Advisory Services project, launched in June by the Ministry of Digital Transformation in collaboration with NRD Companies, aims to provide advisory services to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. With support from the Inter-American Development Bank, this project focuses on the design and implementation of the Developers’ Hub and the Developers’ Hub Challenge, driving digital innovation, expanding the ICT sector, and fostering economic growth in Trinidad and Tobago. By leveraging international expertise and promoting collaboration, the project aims to accelerate the country’s digital transformation journey.

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