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Accelerating Digital Transformation: the Developers Hub and Its Potential Impact on Trinidad and Tobago

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The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Trinidad and Tobago achieved a significant milestone with the launch of the Developer’s Hub platform. In a recent interview conducted by the national broadcaster, Trinidad and Tobago Television (TTT), experts from NRD Companies and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Trinidad and Tobago shared their insights, highlighting the groundbreaking potential of the Developer’s Hub to revolutionize the country’s digital landscape and drive economic growth through collaboration between the public and private sectors.

In this interview with Trinidad and Tobago Television (TTT), experts Miss Ieva Žillionienė, Mr Julius Zubė from NRD Companies and Mr. Davindra Ramnarine from the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Trinidad and Tobago discuss the groundbreaking potential of the Developer’s Hub platform.

A History of Success in Digitalization

Miss Ieva Žillionienė, an international digitalization policy and strategy expert at NRD Companies, discussed her experiences in Lithuania, a country known for its successful digitalization efforts and effective governance. She emphasized the importance of leveraging digital tools to improve government services and foster a digital society. Furthermore, Mr. Julius Zubė, NRD Companies’ International Development expert, emphasized the significance of sharing institutional knowledge and best practices between countries, drawing on Lithuania’s success story.

The Developers Hub: Driving Innovation and Economic Growth

Mr. Davindra Ramnarine, the Digital Transformation Advisor at the Ministry of Digital Transformation, shed light on the purpose and potential impact of the Developer’s Hub. The platform, developed in collaboration with NRD Companies, provides foundational infrastructure, training content, and a development platform. Its primary objective is to engage developers of all levels, driving growth in Trinidad and Tobago’s ICT sector and boosting the country’s GDP.

A Catalyst for Economic Diversification

The Developer’s Hub holds the promise of being a catalyst for economic diversification. By fostering a culture of ICT innovation and supporting the local development community, the Ministry aims to enhance the country’s export capability and development ecosystem. This approach empowers local developers to compete on a global scale, contributing to economic growth and resilience.

Collaboration and Continuous Improvement

The Ministry of Digital Transformation adopts an agile approach to the Developer’s Hub, remaining open to consultation and continuous improvement. Collaboration with international partners, such as the Linux Foundation, ensures access to free training and resources for the developer community. This collaboration establishes a strong foundation for growth, innovation, and the exchange of ideas.

Shaping a Better Future

The introduction of the Developer’s Hub in Trinidad and Tobago presents an exciting opportunity for developers to make a meaningful impact, drive positive change, and position the country as a regional leader in digital innovation. Through the collective efforts of the public and private sectors, Trinidad and Tobago can shape a better future, leveraging digital technology to create opportunities and improve the lives of its citizens.

About the Project

The Developers’ Hub – Technical Advisory Services project launched in June by the Ministry of Digital Transformation in collaboration with NRD Companies, is aimed at providing advisory services to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. With the support of the Inter-American Development Bank, this project focuses on the design and implementation of the Developers’ Hub and the Developers’ Hub Challenge, with the objective of driving digital innovation, expanding the ICT sector, and fostering economic growth in Trinidad and Tobago. By leveraging international expertise and promoting collaboration, the project aims to accelerate the country’s digital transformation journey.

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