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BAIP group invests in young businesses in East Africa

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BAIP group, working in the field of information technology and legal informatics, seeks to support young businesses and science projects in rapidly growing countries of East Africa and Southeast Asia by connecting their ideas, local market knowledge and R&D with European information technology businesses, scientists and professionals, business mentors and investors, their know-how, experience and funds. Currently BAIP group is carrying out an initiative for supporting and investing in young East African enterprises and invites them to pitch their ideas.

“Africans have a unique opportunity to successfully implement the most innovative ICT and R&D ideas, create new environments because here they are currently creating a new world. Therefore, we would like to connect extraordinary, unique, visionary ideas and inventions specific to the African continent and help to develop and spread them by combining the know-how and experience of different continents”, says CEO of BAIP group Kazimieras Tonkūnas.

In order to find better solutions to complex problems, BAIP group continuously collaborates with academics, researchers and scientists in the fields of Big Data, Legal Informatics and Cyber Security. BAIP group has established partnerships with Vilnius University, Uganda Technology and Management University, Kaunas University of Technology, Council on CyberSecurity, ISACA. Recently BAIP group sponsored an initiative by Lithuanian Academy of Sciences and the Association “INFOBALT” to award nominal incentives and scholarships to young researchers – champions of physical and technology sciences. 

Therefore, BAIP group is inviting young entrepreneurs and scientists from East Africa that seek to expand their businesses, want to build innovative solutions, wish to expand into other African countries, Central America, Europe and Southeast Asia or need to secure funding for their research ideas and prototype building to pitch their ideas to BAIP group mentor board: R&D@baipgroup.lt.

BAIP group is interested in Transport & Logistics, Mobile Payments, Smart farming, Big data, Digitisation, Pharmaceutical research, traditional start-ups, micro enterprises, among other topics. 

As a part of this initiative, BAIP group business mentors provide support to young enterprises in the areas of business strategy development, marketing, financial planning, attracting investment from donor organisations, development of strategic partnerships with vendors and non-profit organisations, building customer base and funding.

BAIP group continuously invests into new, perspective businesses. However, young entrepreneurs that want to pitch their ideas at the Investment Summit, which will take place in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in September 2014, are invited to submit them for evaluation until the 1st of June, 2014. Entrepreneurs and scientists with the best, the most promising ideas with the highest growth potential will be selected by BAIP group mentor board. During the Summit, participants will have a chance to prove that they are worthy of being connected with European IT businesses and professionals, business mentors and investors, their know-how, experience and funds in order to turn their ideas and businesses into profitable enterprises.

For more information about BAIP group and the application process, please see the presentation. Application for Investment Summit can be downloaded here.

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