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Now is the time for national authorities to participate in Doing Business 2021 research

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April 8th, 2020. a World Bank Group opened questionnaires to be filled for gathering information for Doing Business 2021 report. It gathers information about regulations that enhance business activity and those that constrain it. Doing Business is a World Bank Group flagship publication providing objective measures of business regulations for local firms in 190 economies.  

Doing Business research is a great tool to benchmark countries in ease of doing business measures. Doing Business ratings  stimulate growth-enhancing reforms around the globe. Governments worldwide actively read Doing Business studies and many use Doing Business data in crafting national policies.

The most recent Doing Business 2020 study acknowledges 115 economies that made it easier to do business, implementing 294 reforms. 

 „New Zealand has always been a top performer in the Doing Business indicator for starting a business, with a notably simple registration system requiring less one day and no trip to the registration authority.“ – States Ieva Tarailiene, Head of Registry Practice at Norway Registers Development AS and NRD Companies. “In contrast, entrepreneurs in Venezuela, RB must complete 20 procedures taking up to 230 days before starting their businesses.“

Improvement of business environment around the globe is one of the key focus areas of NRD Companies. It is evident that the world is becoming digitized at a furious pace with the development of a new technology. Digitization has been and continues to be a driving force and an enabler. Through digitization, new opportunities and solutions are created.

„My call to action for all national authorities around the globe is: contribute to the research actively, read data carefully, make precise conclusions and  build plans for the improvement.“ – says Ieva Tarailiene.

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