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NRD CIRT – commercial Cybersecurity Incident Response Team – gained international recognition

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The first commercial Cybersecurity Incident Response Team in the Baltics NRD CIRT became a full member of an international organisation FIRST (the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams) that unites national, commercial and academic Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) around the world.

Gaining full FIRST membership means that NRD CIRT will start a closer cooperation with other CERT organizations, by exchanging security information and attracting additional resources for incident management. In order to become a full member, NRD CIRT was audited and approved by two other FIRST members.

„The number of cyber attacks and the scope of cyber espionage is constantly rising. Targeted attacks are becoming more complex which is causing business disruption, data loss, and harms the reputation. Therefore, an internal department, accountable for incident response is a necessity today”, says Dr. Vilius Benetis, CEO of NRD CS. 

“We will provide our clients with technology solutions and establish procedures essential for incident prevention, whether they already have such departments or not. We will also constantly monitor and analyse their security status, perform information system audits and provide user trainings. In case of an incident, we will effectively eliminate the consequences, restore the services, perform internal investigation and, if necessary, collaborate with law enforcement authorities”, says Dr. Benetis. 

NRD CIRT will supplement the services of the national CERT-LT, internet service providers’ and intelligence CERTs that respond to incidents only within the range of their networks. NRD CIRT will help organisations that own or manage important information systems, manage personal data as well as financial institutions, high-tech, industry and logistics companies to defend themselves.

Since the 2nd of July NRD CIRT is also a listed member of Trusted Introducer. This association was established by the European CERT community in 2000 to address common needs and build a service infrastructure providing vital support for all security and incident response teams. 

NRD CIRT has been established by a specialised cyber security services company NRD CS that implements modern forensic laboratories, critical IT security as well as e-crime management and abuse handling automation solutions in Lithuania, Europe, Caucasus region and East African countries.


NRD CS is a specialized cyber security company and a cyber security centre of excellence for Norway Registers Development AS, BAIP and Norway Registers Development East Africa Ltd whom NRD CS assists in creating a secure digital environment for states, governments, corporations and citizens in Central and Eastern Europe, East Africa and other regions.

NRD CS contributes to the preparation of international cyber security methodologies and development of global cybersecurity body of knowledge while working with ISACA (international academic publications and ISACA Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) activities: http://www.isaca.org/Education/Online-Learning/Pages/Webinar-20-Critical-Controls-for-Cyber-Defense.aspx) and Council on Cyber Security (http://www.Counciloncybersecurity.org/ ). Team also actively contributes to the development of cyber security frameworks in Lithuania and Tanzania where they also belong to national incident response working groups. 

More information about NRD CS: www.nrdcs.lt.

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