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NRD East Africa organized cyber security awareness trainings for students in Tanzania

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NRD East Africa continues implementing its cyber security awareness campaign, seeking to create a more secure digital environment in Tanzania, and this time targeting university students. Several workshops have been conducted to various Universities in Dar es Salaam including University of Dar es Salaam College of Engineering (COET), Institute of Finance Management (IFM-Main campus Dar es Salaam) and Dar es salaam Institute of Technology, benefiting almost 200 ICT students.

“Cyber security awareness is a critical success factor in fighting cybercrime in the country. University students play a very significant role because they will soon be employed and therefore the practice and awareness they have will be introduced to their new employers and so contribute in reducing cybercrime in general. We decided to start with ICT students because they have more interest with technologies and they can easily understand more technical issues, therefore they could be good trainers and ambassadors in teaching others in their community “, said the CEO of NRD East Africa Sebastian Marondo.

More information about the workshops can be found in the report.

This initiative corresponds to one of the goals of Norwegian Peace Corps (FK Norway) financed young employee exchange program that NRD EA is currently participating in. FK Norway is a part of Norwegian national developmental policy. FK Norway aim is to facilitate mutual learning, sharing knowledge and experiences and developing institutions and local communities by bringing young professionals together. Since 1963 almost 8000 FK Norway’s participants have taken part in the exchange between Norway and countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

During the exchange program, participants have a chance to experience both the professional and cultural environment. Additionally, participants are involved in several activities related to ICT within institutions and local communities.

NRD East Africa Ltd (NRD EA) is a daughter company of Norway Registers Development AS and is based in Dar es Salaam. It supports East Africa regions particularly Tanzania in the delivery of Information security technologies and assists other organizations investing in East Africa in the creation, development, maintenance and security of information technology infrastructure. NRD EA is also responsible for cyber security strategy design and implementation services for government and cooperate institutions.

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