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NRD Systems: Change…

NRD Systems: Change of the Management

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Having served as the CEO of NRD Systems for over two and a half years, Andrius Kaikaris has today resigned from the position and joined NRD Companies as a Chief Operation Officer.

Andrius Kaikaris will be responsible for NRD Companies’ overall internal operations and will support the Group’s strategic development and operational integration.

Mindaugas Glodas, CEO at NRD Companies, has been appointed as an acting CEO starting 5 June 2020. Mindaugas joined NRD Companies 1.5 years ago and has since successfully led the group as CEO of NRD Companies, Chairman of the board of NRD Systems, and Board member of ETRONIKA.

Mindaugas Glodas: “I want to thank Andrius for his leadership and close collaboration while leading NRD Systems. He has done great work to align NRD Systems teams towards a common goal. We shall continue further integration of NRD Systems into a group of NRD Companies to ensure we stay agile and ready to respond to evolving customer needs and market situation. I am pleased Andrius accepted the challenge to drive NRD Companies alignment and integration as a newly appointed Chief Operating Officer. As a group are looking for deeper integration on the level of human talent, systems, project management methodologies, etc.”

Andrius Kaikaris: “I am very proud of everything the team at NRD Systems has achieved over the last two years. Specific attention was given to increase the efficiency of internal business processes, project portfolio and risk management, market and product focus. The company is on a path of strong growth in the future and I am looking forward to contributing to it as the COO of NRD Companies.”

About NRD Companies

NRD Companies is a global IT and consulting group of companies, specialising in governance and in economic digital infrastructure development. Headquartered in Norway, the group unites a number of companies operating in FinTech, GovTech, and practice-based consulting areas, while aiding countries to reach the UN sustainable development goals. NRD Companies has a successful track record of implementing projects such as e-registries, e-service delivery platforms, national post digitalisation, tax administration platforms, and other digital solutions, on 5 continents throughout the world.
NRD Companies is a parent company for the following subsidiary corporations: Norway Registers Development AS, NRD Systems, NRD Rwanda, NRD Bangladesh, ETRONIKA, Infobank Uganda.
The Group is a recognised leader in its field and is controlled by INVL Technology INVL Technology, a NASDAQ Baltic listed ICT investment fund (Nasdaq Vilnius: INC1L).

NRD Systems is an information system development and project delivery company with core competences in state tax systems and state registry modernisation based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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