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NRD with partners has been awarded a contract at OECS EGRIP, St. Lucia

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Joint Venture consortium of Norway Registers Development AS, UAB NRD and UAB Alna Software has been awarded a contract for the Design, Development and Implementation of Tax e-filing System at OECS EGRIP, St. Lucia

This contract is subcomponent 2.2 under Electronic Government for Regional Integration Project (EGRIP) initiated by Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). The contract is aimed at developing an on-line registration and electronic tax filing subsystem to interface with the tax management system.

The general objective is to design, develop and install a Front End (FE) tax e-filing system to enable electronic interactions for the purposes of:

  • registration,
  • filing of declarations and returns,
  • performing electronic payments of taxes, and
  • the on-line FE will be designed and implemented so that it can interface, in principle, with any underlying core tax administration system, and will allow for integration with the banking system for payments and refunds, including payments through a future regional payments gateway.

The development objective of the EGRIP is to promote the efficiency, quality, and transparency of public services through the delivery of regionally integrated e-government applications that take advantage of economies of scale. The expected benefits would accrue in the areas of public sector reform, empowerment of citizens and businesses, and efficiency gains for institutions and end-users through automation and pooling resources at the regional level.

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