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Samoa Committed to Build a Digital Identity Management System

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The Government of Samoa has selected NRD Companies as an advisory services provider to develop Strategic and implementation plan for modern, optimal, and reliable identity management system that supports the development of unique digital identity. NRD Companies will also assist authorities in the public procurement process to acquire such a system.

May 25, 2020. The Government of Samoa has contracted NRD Companies for the planning of the digital identity management system. NRD Companies will provide advisory and development guidance aiming at building a reliable, secure, and accessible identity management system. Digitalized and compliant Civil Registration, that is continuous, permanent, and universal is a foundation for any identity management system, therefore a due attention will be also put on furthering it.

Only a person with a legal identity has access to the rights, benefits, and responsibilities of their country. Without one, the person is destined for inequality since birth. The Government of Samoa recognizes that with poverty and social exclusion remaining the most significant challenges, ensuring a unique legal identity for every person is a must.

To achieve that, an accessible, digital, reliable, and highly secure civil registration system is needed. Strong political commitment to build a digital identity management system is pre-requisite for successful implementation and Samoan authorities are showing strong dedication. NRD Companies will develop a strategy and implementation plan for modern, optimal, and reliable identity management system and will ground advise on a detailed assessment of the current system, local realities, and global trends, as well as NRD Companies know-how that comes from the implementation of a number of digitization solutions globally.

The digital identity management system is expected to build a solid basis for solutions that will support economic recovery. It may serve as a foundation for a digital government platform, that would include an electoral system, system of medical records, access to the Government services, validity of online transactions, and many others.

„For more than 20 years, NRD Companies support public administrations for a higher level of efficiency with the consulting services and deployment of IT solutions. We delivered a number of public sector reforms enabled with digitization. Too often, we faced situations where countries fail to undergo all phases of relevant analysis, planning, and adjustment at the organizational level, and rush into the application of technology, but too many times, we also witnessed a lack of success of this approach. Therefore, we are happy the Government of Samoa has chosen our experts for providing advisory services in planning the digital identity management system – the very foundation of E-Government.“ – states Mindaugas Glodas, CEO at NRD Companies.

NRD Companies will work directly with the Samoa Bureau of Statistics and the NID Steering Committee. The estimated project duration is 10 months.

The project is financed from the World Bank Pacific Regional Infrastructure Facility multi-donor trust fund‘s grant for the Government of Samoa.

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