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Webinar: Catalysing Local Economic Recovery. Series (1)

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Catalysing Local Economic Recovery

Strategies and tactics for E-Government development in Africa

What: Free WEBINAR
Dedicated for: Business Registrars and other policymakers
When: 28, May, 2020. 10:00 AM (EAT/(GMT+3))

As each government authority must contribute to catalyse the local economic recovery, we invite to  pay attention to E-Government infrastructure development. Proper E-Government infrastructure needs to be developed, to fight fiscal challenges. It is a fundamental element to success.  

E-Government is a broad definition, business registrars and other policymakers need to find their strategy to succeed.

Join NRD Companies together with Norwegian Register Centre (Brønnøysund Register Centre) and Norwegian-African Business Association (NABA) for a series of webinars to learn about solutions, strategies, and tactics to be applied to transform your organizations for contributing to economic recovery

We will cover:

  • How E-Government solutions may become enablers to address anticipated fiscal challenges.
  • What will the Role of Corporate Registries in the post COVID economic recovery be?
  • A step by step guide how to move beyond the traditional role of registering corporate entities.
  • What is the real power of business registries data? How to gather, analyse, utilise it for catalysing the economy.
  • What are foreign business expectations? What you need to know for attracting foreign investors.

Former acting CEO of State Enterprise Centre of Registers, Lithuania, today Ieva shares her experience with government institutions all around the Globe. Consults on digital registry development and operations, development of electronic services, and contributes to drafting legal acts.

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