NRD Companies is a global information technology and consulting group of companies specialized in governance and economic digital infrastructure development with its headquarters in Norway.

Since our inception in 1995, we have built more than 150 state-of-art registries and information systems, and we have delivered other projects of all imaginable types across four continents and more than fifty countries worldwide. Over the years, we have expanded our offerings so as to secure maximum efficiency of the ecosystems we build, with solutions and services such as digital signature, digital platforms for the financial and retail sectors, information distribution, and other economic digital infrastructure solutions.

Our home markets are the Nordics and Baltics, as well as the frontier markets of Sub-Saharan Africa and South/Southeast Asia, and our strategic growth is focused in the related areas of digital platforms for state revenue collection, banking, digital licensing, and digital documentation, among others.

NRD Companies is structured to deliver world-class information technology solutions at a competitive cost with a seamless implementation on the ground and provide complementary solutions and services via specialized companies.


Norway Registers Development is a legal, consulting, project leadership and know-how hub for the group based in Sandvika, Norway.

NRD Systems is an information system development and project delivery company with core competences in state tax systems and state registry modernisation based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

NRD East Africa is a regional sales, project leadership, project support and maintenance company for group projects across East African countries based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

NRD Rwanda is a regional sales, project leadership, project support and maintenance company for group projects in Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

NRD Bangladesh is a regional sales, project leadership, project support and maintenance company for group projects in South Asia.

ETRONIKA is a specialized company based in Vilnius, Lithuania offering digital platforms for finance and retail sectors, digital and mobile signature, mobile payments, digital services for point-of-sales terminals and other services.

Infobank Uganda is a specialized company based in Kampala, Uganda providing information on Ugandan businesses.

NRD Companies is a part of INVL Technology, a NASDAQ Baltic listed ICT investment fund (Nasdaq Vilnius: INC1L). INVL Technology owned companies with expertise in IT infrastructure, cyber security and e-Government solutions, such as BAIP, NRD CS, Algoritmu sistemos and Andmevara AS to name a few, organically compliment NRD Companies offering and is a natural choice for a constant collaborations on various projects.

Pioneers in the field

As pioneers in the field, we were early learners that governance and economic digital infrastructure is not an electronic access window to various sorts of registries but a complicated eco-system governed by country laws and juridical system, and its ultimate setup will critically influence the security of property rights, the way it facilitates or discourages its use and, eventually, influences the economy.

We don’t think this is what IT-specialised companies (let alone a ready-made IT product) can do properly. We don’t think this is what consultancy companies can do properly.

We are a one-of-a-kind company that was born with both skills from the outset: we understand the ecosystems of complex entities such as states, and we understand organic IT – because simply bolting one skill set on top of the other does not work.

Guiding principles

Building governance and economic digital infrastructures is different from everything else. The challenges are always bigger than they seem at the outset, the processes are never in place, and the mentality is never ready.

From our experience these factors are the key to
success of any project:


Understand the existing ecosystem

We allocate time and resources to comprehend, engage with, and collect information about the context and communities in which our project will be deployed. We establish project offices and invest in the countries long-term.


Be data driven

Too often, reforms fail to fully leverage data to support project planning and decision-making. At NRD Companies, we gather and analyse existing data at the inception phase to make informed decisions and adjust the project plan so that it matches community needs.


Use open standards, open data, open source, and open innovation

In our engagements we offer solutions that are open for further development and enhancement, and that have the potential for scalability without the risk of solution lock-in.


Address privacy & security

Our approach stems from the current situation that most of the systems designed, developed, and supported lack risk- and threat-based integration of security operations, thus having little resilience to cyber threats.


Build sustainable organisations

With the right mix of skills, experience, and attitude, we make sure that the infrastructure is not another piece of software, but is something that has a positive long-term impact on the country or business.


Use local deployment teams

When delivering projects around the globe, we are organised around special deployment teams that are headed by project leaders experienced in multicultural environments.


Transfer knowledge and capacity

We believe that knowledge and information should not be “thrown at the team”; instead, sufficient time should be allocated to develop new internal capacity. New processes should be enforced and supervised for a long time so that they become habits.


Boost client reputation

Our team has extensive experience in reform dynamics, media relations management, relations with stakeholders, creating buy-in and momentum for further reforms. Our priority is always client success rather than formally listed requirements.


Enable regulations/directives

Integration is what makes the difference in digital infrastructure projects. One simply cannot disassemble legal, workflow, and information processes into separate tasks. We marry legal, consultancy, and information technology skills in order to effectively address digital infrastructure challenges. We are a company that was born with these skills from the outset.

Strategic partnerships