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Achievements of Lithuanian e-Government: Time to Export Experience

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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation, Lithuania stands out as an example of success, not only in private businesses but also in public services. Mindaugas Glodas, CEO of NRD Companies, sheds light on Lithuania’s remarkable journey, positioning it as a global leader in digital innovation and setting the stage for exporting valuable experiences to nations worldwide.

From Local Success to Global Impact

In the United Nations 2022 e-Government Index (EGDI), Lithuania achieved a rating among the most advanced nations, securing the 24th place out of 193 countries with an overall rating of 0.874, showcasing significant progress from the 43rd position a decade ago. Additionally, Lithuania climbed from the 39th to the 8th position in the World Bank’s GovTech Maturity Index (GTMI).

Mr. Glodas emphasizes that Lithuania also demonstrated progress in the European Commission’s e-Government progress indicator, ranking among the TOP 10 countries. While acknowledging the room for improvement in telecommunications and open data, he highlights that more than 90 percent of services are available online in Lithuania. Citizens routinely file taxes, access various digital service portals, sign documents remotely, and benefit from excellent collaboration between business and the public sector through the GovTech laboratory.

According to Mr. Glodas, the current state of the country’s digital services allows for not only enhancing the digital portfolio of the public sector but also exporting these experiences, especially when business and the public sector collaborate.

Exporting Digital Prowess

Mr. Glodas emphasizes the pivotal role of Lithuania’s Development Cooperation Policy (LTAID) in sharing digital best practices with countries like Armenia, Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, as well as regions in Africa and the Middle East in the early stages of digital progress.

This policy serves as a guiding light, not just for exporting practices but inspiring nations to embark on a similar digital evolution. Mr. Glodas expresses hope that other countries can find profound inspiration in Lithuania’s accomplished journey.

Drawing from successful models like Norad in Norway, collaborative partnerships between business and state institutions prove instrumental in expediting advanced transformations globally. Lithuania’s experience provides a unique opportunity for nations to integrate proven digital strategies, fostering collaboration and accelerating their journey toward digital excellence.

Demonstrated Success on a Global Scale

Mr. Glodas highlights successful outcomes from the dissemination of Lithuanian digital practices worldwide. NRD Companies, in collaboration with business and government institutions, implemented projects like the GovTech laboratory’s adaptation in Trinidad and Tobago, known as the “Developer’s Hub” initiative.

Cooperation with the state company Registry Center contributed to the successful implementation of the business registration system in Belize, earning international recognition.

Another project, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania and the Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid Fund, involves digitizing the Kenyan post office.

NRD Companies, Postal Corporation of Kenya, Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid Fund of the Republic of Lithuania, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania Join Forces for Kenya’s Digital Evolution.

The export of advanced digital practices not only offers more opportunities for global cooperation between businesses and government institutions but also benefits local residents, enhancing Lithuania’s leadership in the technologically advanced e-government segment. It’s time to capitalize on this experience by assisting others, concludes Mr. Glodas.

A Path to Mutual Growth

Sharing advanced digital methods isn’t just about collaboration—it’s at the heart of NRD Companies’ digital mindset. Beyond our roots in Lithuania’s innovation scene, our team stands as the creative force behind services propelling the nation to the pinnacle of global rankings. Now, we’re ready and excited to share this expertise, solidifying Lithuania’s position as a pioneer in technologically advanced e-government initiatives. As Mr. Glodas concludes, it’s the right time to use our experience and digital know-how to assist others on their journey.

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