The GxP Customer-Centric Service Delivery Platform is designed for modern governments, to proactively support citizens and businesses throughout their customer journey and for their lifetime events. With administrative e-services delivered right on time straight to their fingertips and accessed 24/7 through any preferred device, this platform builds trust between citizens/businesses and their government.

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The GxP e-service delivery platform offers a national level innovative, user-friendly infrastructure for designing, creating, monitoring and adjusting e-services. It is recognised as a major contributor to reducing the time and costs required for service delivery and radically improving the overall efficiency of government institutions, and is an optimal choice for the country’s “Go Digital” initiative.

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 Even when launched on a small scale, GxP is designed to become a national level service delivery platform, increasing access to government services, reducing the distance in a society, and improving the ease of doing business rankings

Components / Building Blocks

  • Service catalogue
  • Industry-standard business process automation engine
  • Service performance and SLA delivery monitoring component
  • Customer experience mapping component
  • Intuitive omni-channel self-service portal
  • Communication and messaging tools
  • Billing system
  • System and 3rd party availability and performance monitoring
  • X-Road connector

Key features

  • Fast implementation
  • BPMN-driven workflow engine
  • GDPR compliance
  • Powerful decision-making engine
  • Auto, manual or mixed decision-making
  • Omni-channel support
  • Wizard-based user interface
  • API-based integration with other systems
  • Instant e-services process adjustments without downtime
  • Trusted security architecture
  • Full audit trail
  • Low code prototyping and modelling without requiring IT skills
  • Supports fully digital and hybrid services (with human interaction) 

Key Principles

  • Customer-centric design
  • Constant improvement
  • Low-code platform
  • Right on time delivery
  • Lifetime event-based proactive engagement
  • Superior user experience
  • Enables digital transformation for organisations of any size

GxP enables a digital transformation for organisations of any size and is designed to support World Bank Group Digital Moonshot initiative and address e-government services around ”Life events”.

Results to expect

times lower effort per service delivered
times faster decision-making
times faster development of new services
months to launch the most complex services
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • No training time for users
  • Up to 20 times faster delivery of change
  • Reduced costs per service delivery
  • Increased access to public services
  • Increased overall administrative efficiency
  • Improved business environment
  • Increased overall trust in the government
  • Reduced distance in societies

GxP Components / Building blocks

Service catalogue

It provides the possibility to group services into different categories for different user groups, with intelligent search capabilities. There are three major views defined for e-Government services: usual service catalogue; life events’ view; the integrated service delivery view. This allows fast and convenient access to all the services that each user may need.

Business Process Automation Engine

All services are built using a business process automation engine, which enables a low-code approach to be used for creating and managing your services. Thus, your business users and service owners have more control and the ability to design their services.

    • BPMN-based service definition using a visual process editor
    • Data model definition bound to a process version
    • Decision modelling based on decision matrices and in-process rules
    • System-generated dynamic forms based on form descriptions and validation rules
    • Built-in services for most common tasks – emails, customer notifications, document generation (DOCX/PDF), Excel spreadsheet processing
    • Support for document and email templates

Customer experience mapping component

This provides the ability to track a customer’s journey, as well as to learn how customers are using different services, what devices they are using, where they are coming from, how many steps they need to perform, what methods they are using to pay for them, and much more. The customer journey analysis helps you to evaluate the attractiveness, popularity and usability of services for the purpose of further improvements.

Service performance and SLA delivery monitoring component

 The real-time service delivery dashboard enables management to analyse company performance and customer satisfaction for continuous efficiency improvements. You can build your own dashboard by choosing from the available indicators so that only most important information will always be available at a glance.

Communication and messaging tool

 The tool offers the ability to have real-time messaging functionalities, along with the possibility to use predefined Frequently Asked Questions and answers, in order to reduce the call centre load. All communication records are saved in the chat history, to maintain the integrity of all communication between the end-user and the organisation. 


The tariff component is designed for managing charge schemes for different services and different user groups. Built-in schemes are based on four-eyes principles to prevent mistakes and the possibility of internal fraud. There is also the ability to implement interinstitutional accounting and cross-settlements for the delivered services.

System and 3rd party availability and performance monitoring

This component helps to proactively monitor the health, availability and performance of the internal system. It enables sophisticated alerting and monitoring of the critical system endpoints from multiple locations.

Intuitive omni-channel self-service portal

The self-service portal is built using the latest responsive design techniques, so that all services can be delivered conveniently, no matter if you are using your personal computer, tablet or a smartphone. Each user also can start using the service on one channel and finish it on another one.

X-Road connector

GxP X-Road connector provides a standard way to enable Interoperability and Data Exchange layer offered by X-Road – an increasingly popular e-governance building block around the world.

GxP Advantages

GxP helps to transform legacy applications into modern flows

Our innovative software empowers you to extract the potential of your legacy systems – seamlessly and with minimal risk – without ever slowing you down. Therefore, your team can focus on what matters: delivering better outcomes for your constituents and creating new services based on the data you can access.

GxP powers the delivery of intelligent services

You need a single place to see the right information, at the right time, in order to seamlessly make the best decisions. From service deliveries to compliance, GxP helps to address these demands, allowing different organisations to be connected and data to move into service flows.

GxP enables a timely response to change demands

Change is the new norm in the modern world: legislators are constantly delivering new mandates, the regulations are shifting, and the constituent base is also changing. Change is a constant, and your team needs software that can truly help you keep up.

GxP is highly adaptable and is ready to take on the evolving government mandates at a moment’s notice. Thus, you’ll start every legislative season ahead of the curve and will be ready to get the work done.

GxP is ready to address cybersecurity threats proactively

Based on the best security practices of modern digital banking, GxP proactively addresses cybersecurity threats, and ensures a digital organisation’s resilience to attack and fraud attempts.

Creates AI-ready services

Digital services create ever-growing amounts of data, which can be utilised by employing Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. GxP is ready to enable your AI services by seamlessly connecting to your own services and those of 3rd parties, enabling the use of their insights in your decision-making process.

Fill in the digital gaps with hybrid processes

GxP addresses the gap between digital services and the demand for human interaction by enabling service deliveries via different channels and allowing a customer to choose his best option for accessing the service. Furthermore, our hybrid process can easily combine manual and digital interactions, e.g. applications can be filled in online, while essential evidence documents are submitted on paper and the service outcome is received digitally.

Omni-channel service delivery

Access and deliver services via the preferred channels, or mix and blend them within a single process:

  • Teller/registrar – modern user interface for a service representative
  • Web self-service – enables user-friendly services online
  • Mobile app – service-tailored apps for end-user self-services
  • Partner/agent – provides web or API-based access for your agents and service delivery partners, e.g. post offices entitled to deliver public services
  • Call centre - enables your call centre to serve as a user-friendly channel to deliver a service
  • API – allows your services to be accessed in an automated manner via dedicated APIs

Service delivery

  • Service dashboard – monitor your service delivery in real time
  • Service catalogue – register and manage your services and service versions as you grow
  • Know the status of the services you have started and/or are involved in the execution
  • Access services, your service history and all service results – documents and data

Low-code service development

Engage a low-code approach for creating and managing your services – this allows your business users and service owners to have more control and the ability to design their own services.

  • BPMN-based service definition using a visual process editor
  • Data model definition bound to the process version
  • Decision modelling based on decision matrices and in-process rules
  • System-generated dynamic forms based on form descriptions and validation rules
  • Built-in services for most common tasks – emails, customer notifications, document generation (DOCX/PDF), Excel spreadsheet processing
  • Support for document and email templates

Open architecture

Easily extend your processes and flows by utilising variety of methods:

  • Access modern data sources directly by using the RESTful API service – no coding is required
  • Build your connectors to existing and new systems by using GxP SDK
  • Enable your services via the preferred customer engagement tools and front-end technologies

Service management

Employ a continuous delivery model to manage your services. Use advanced tools to monitor and manage your services.

  • Enable new processes and process versions without system downtime
  • Rollback process versions without any data loss
  • Enable service consumption accounting and service plans
  • Clean-up outdated/incomplete processes
  • Enforce personal data protection rules
  • Access operational reports

Comprehensive security

  • Manage users and user roles
  • Enforce security based on access channels
  • Allow user representation and power of attorney service access modes
  • Audit all actions and operations
  • Track detailed record of the data provided by external systems
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