Post as a digital marketplace

KASU POST is a Counter Automation Solution for post offices, which allows access to variety of postal services, items and partner services from a single simple user interface, and helps to turn post office into modern digital marketplace. By utilizing the best convenience retail practices, KASU POST helps to speed up customer service, reduce time to learn and maintain the system, and ensures reliable accounting and reconciliation.

KASU POST automates the flows between the counter and backoffice, cares for cash flows and allows to easily add new products and services to be accessed at the post office. The marketplace approach allows rapid integration of financial and public services, as well as enhanced capabilities to serve e-commerce needs.

We believe that in the changing environment of the postal business the relevance of traditional mail delivery is declining, and the parcel business is facing fierce competition with commercial delivery companies, thus the Post needs to build its strategy on existing strengths – the existing network, the government mandates (e.g., universal services mandate) and the trust that people have or might have. KASU POST helps the postal operators to build the foundation needed to put an emphasis on digital and hybrid services and to create new highly relevant offerings.

91% of posts provide only some form of financial service
76% of posts can make money from selling digital services
80% of posts are looking to diversify into digital services to stay relevant
70% of posts seek for digital services to enter the market before competitors 

 Source: UPU report „The digital economy and postal digital activities – a global panorama“ 

KASU POST is a point of sale, counter automation and retail business management solution for the Post offices, focused on maximising the revenue from non-postal operations – financial services, delivery of public services and delivery of integrated 3rd-party commercial offerings.  It addresses the demand for retail services at a postal counter and opening the postal network to digital services, offered by governments and businesses.

We suggest the Post office open up for inclusive collaboration with multiple parties by utilizing the Open API approach and building a true marketplace for digital and hybrid services, similar to what Amazon has done with their e-commerce offering but focusing on the last-mile delivery using the existing physical network.

Improve and rediscover financial services

  • Improve and rediscover financial services by extending the remittance service capability, the bill payment options, and exploring opportunities to provide agency banking services for multiple banks and facilitate the interaction with the non-banking financial service providers. Further opportunities are in the disbursement area, where Post can be well positioned to act as a provider of cash disbursement operations for public agencies (social security, relief funds), NGOs (relief and support funds) and commercial enterprises (salary payments).

Transformation into the Public Service Hub

  • Transformation into the Public Service Hub based on the factors of presence (retail network), trust (by government and by population) and ability to integrate delivery and financial element (payments for services) into a single digital service delivery flow. This enables the Post to act as trusted provider of access to public services offered by the federal and regional government agencies/public institutions, and to offer hybrid services, e.g., ability to submit digital forms, identify the customer/person, deliver documents/valuables either direction and accept payment for the service.

Position the Post as a critical element of a growing e-commerce ecosystem

  • Position the Post as a critical element of a growing e-commerce ecosystem. This can be achieved by positioning the post offices as providers of enhanced PUDO services in co-operation with multiple logistics providers, capable of parcel drop-off and pick-up with clear location, combined with Payment services. The e-commerce offering can be quickly enhanced with hybrid services in co-operation with e-commerce providers, by delivering ordering self-service, accompanied with a payment services, delivery and handling of return, refund and order change operations.

With KASU POST all these goals can be achieved and supported technically, and if there are parties interested to co-operate, KASU POST will enable those parties to work themselves to get into the Post ecosystem rather than require the Post to build and further maintain the integrations 

Opportunity areas

Financial Services

Bill payments
FX services
Mass disbursements
Agency banking

E-Commerce Engagement

Integrated payment services
Physical endpoint for local
e-commerce players
Full integrated e-commerce offering

Public Services

Delivery of national and regional public services
Issued document delivery services

The Post services transformation capabilities introduced by KASU POST and supported by our consultancy services support the turnaround of the Post office by changing the underlying business model, creating opportunities to turn the retail network from a liability into a worthwhile asset, and ensuring that the Post can embark on a sustainable business model supported by the trust of government agencies and population.  

The use of KASU POST allows to increase revenue per employee significantly, and its user interface allows to minimize training costs and reduce the probability of a mistake. Thus, the transformation of the business model can create new opportunities for the employees and will make them great contributors to the success of the Post office operations. 

KASU POST has shown an average volume of up to 5.000 monthly financial service transactions per POS in the Kyrgyz Post office during the 1st year of production use, and its sibling solution KASU RETAIL is ensuring that R-kioski (a convenience retail operator in Finland with over 500 stores) gains 6% of its revenue and 25% of the profit from digital services delivered. 

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